Residential plumbing services

Call us for effective, quick and guaranteed plumbing work! Whether for an emergency or simply routine work, our plumbers will offer you high quality residential plumbing services.

Services offered

  • Drain unclogging. A clogged drain can cause a number of problems. Such a situation may occur for various reasons. Plomberie-Chauffage Daniel Brochu's team of technicians will identify your piping problem and fix it in no time!
  • Pipe thawing. Winter temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze, which can lead to a whole series of problems. To avoid making the situation worse, it's essential to hand over any pipe thawing work to experimented professionals who will carry it out flawlessly.
  • Camera inspection. A camera inspection will assess the condition of your plumbing and drainage system and identify problems clearly. As a result, you will get the right solution to your needs, and you'll avoid paying for unnecessary plumbing work.
  • Smoke test. A smoke test offers an ingenious way to locate leaks in your plumping system. Usually coming from sewage systems running under your home, these leaks can cause bad odours or even the formation of hazardous gases.
  • Pump repair.
  • Emergency plumbing repair. We're available around the clock and will travel to your location quickly to answer any emergency!